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Mark I and Mark II Pencils for Procreate

Mark I and Mark II Pencils for Procreate

The pencil brush is the workhorse for all of my digital art. After a year of using the 6B standard pencil brush in procreate, I knew exactly what I was looking for in the perfect set of pencil brushes. I wanted a more reliable break up pattern for my main pencil, with a higher resolution grain texture, and more organic pencil tip shape. I also wanted a second pencil with a smooth and buttery shading tip for more sublte shadows and blending. I created and sampled the textures for the pencil tips and grain maps with artist grade pencils and paper, sampling the best combinations of textures, scanned at 600dpi for an ultra-high quality pencil that you can use in procreate for both digital and large-scale prints. Please enjoy these lovingly crafted digital pencils, the Mark I and Mark II! 

Order now to download two .brush procreate brush files. Not sure how to add brushes to procreate? Walkthrough here:

  • File format:

    .brush procreate brush files

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